Dairy Free Gluten Free Sugar Free Sweet Treat Vegan

Apple Puree


Sugar free apple puree made from own organic grown sweet apples added with spices is pure satisfaction. Puree can be added to yogurt, porridge, or used in cooking. Freeze the apple puree so you can enjoy it longer.

Made in one large 5 liters pan, turning into 2 liters of puree.

Total preparation time 1 hour.

Apple Puree

4 kg sweet apples

200g water

teaspoon of cinnamon, fennel, and vanilla seeds

2 tablespoon honey

½ juice of lemon


Wash, chop, and remove the seeds from the apples.

Put all the ingredients to the pan.

Heat in low temperature until soft.

Blend the apples with hand blender.

Cool down.

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