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    Pomegranate Raw Cake


    Fresh and delicious pomegranate is perfect combination with sweet raw cake ingredients. Raw cake is easy to prepare and requires some time in freezer to become firm before serving.

    Made in 25 cm round springform baking tin, serves 5 portions.

    Total preparation time 4 hours.

    Pomegranate Raw Cake


    300g pomegrante seeds

    250g dates

    250g walnuts

    200g sun flower seeds

    pinch of salt


    250g cashews

    100g coconut flakes

    100g pomegranate seeds


    Peel and blend the pomegranate seeds with blender.

    Add and mix in all the base ingredients in the blender.

    Press the dough steadily into oiled baking tin and put it into freezer for 1-2 hour until firm.

    Let the cashews soak in water for 2 hours.

    Pour the water out from cashews after soaking and blend all the filling ingredients in a blender.

    Take the tin from freezer and spread the filling on top of the base layer.