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    Buckwheat-Beetroot Salad


    Vegan buckwheat and beetroot salad is light but filling lunch or side dish.

    Made in large salad bowl, serves 4 portions.

    Total cooking time 1 hour.

    Buckwheat-Beetroot Salad

    200g buckwheat grits

    6 large beetroots

    1 tablespoon olive oil

    1 teaspoon black pepper

    pinch of salt

    beetroot hummus

    rucola leefs

    1 pomegranate


    Boil the buckwheat and cool down.

    Peel and slice the beetroots.

    Place the beetroot slices on the baking tray, mix with oil, pepper and salt.

    Cook the beetroots in 225 degrees for 30 minutes.

    Add to hummus recipe 5-6 beetroot slices and blend.

    Peel the pomegranate.

    Combine the buckwheat, beetroot slices, beetroot hummus and pomegranate into the salad bowl.