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    Berry Pie


    Juicy pie fully of berries. Naturally gluten free without added sugar, but full of flavor.

    Made in 26 cm diameter oiled pie dish, serves 10 portions.

    Total preparation time 40 minutes.

    Berry Pie


    200g oat flour

    100g apple puree

    30g oil

    pinch of salt


    600g yoghurt

    3 eggs

    100g apple puree

    7 fresh dates

    pinch of salt

    450g berries


    Combine and mix all the crust ingredients first with spoon and then by hand.

    Press with hands the dough firmly onto the bottom of the oiled pie dish and about 2 cm up the sides.

    Remove the stones from the dates and mix the filling ingredients expect from the berries with hand blender.

    Pour the filling on the crust.

    Place the berries on the top.

    Bake in the over for 30 minutes in 225 degrees.

    Cool down and serve fridge cold.