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Raw Carrot Cake


Healthy treat with lots of carrots and spices. The sweet caramel base comes lovely together with vanilla filling. This moist treat is one of my all time favorite cakes!

Made in 25 cm round springform baking tin, serves 5 portions.

Total preparation time 3 hours, of which 30 minutes active.

Raw Carrot Cake


400g  carrots

250g raisins

200g pecan nuts

250g oat flour

1 orange’s zest

1,5 orage’s juice

pinch of salt and cardamon


200g cashews

100g coconut cream

1 tablespoon vanil seeds


Blend the crust ingredients with a blender.

Oil the springform baking tin and use baking paper to the bottom.

Pour the crust into the baking tin and put it to the fridge.

Blend the filling ingredients with a blender.

Place the filling on top of the crust smoothly.

Let the cake settle in the fridge for few hours before serving.


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  • Reply tuorepuristettua 07/04/2015 at 17:30

    Ihanaa! Porkkanakakku onkin yksi all time favouriteistäni! Täytyykin kokeilla sitä terveellisenä raakakakkuversiona. Uskon lisäksi, että porkkanat ja taatelit sopii hyvin yhteen.

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