Dessert Gluten Free Nut Free Sugar Free Sweet Treat




Delicious but healthier tiramisu that can be prepared only in 15 minutes. Can be served without setting down at the fridge. This moist treat is a queen of any dessert table.

Made in 19 cm diameter dish, serves 6 porpotions.

Total preparation time 15 minutes.


Base layer

2 ripen bananas

6 fresh dates

100g cold coffee

2 tablespoons marsala vine

1 teaspoon raw cocoa powder

250g oatmeal

Top layer

250g mascarpone cheese

200g whipped cream

to the top

1 tablespoon raw cocoa powder


Mix with hand blender all the base layer ingredients expect from the oatmeal.

Add oatmeal and mix without the blender.

Pour into the bottom of the dish.

Whip cream in a separate bowl.

Add mascarpone cheese and mix carefully.

Pour on top of the base layer.

Dust the top with cocoa powder through a sieve.


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